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Review: Longton Nails

excellent job, friendly staff and great service overall.

Reviewed by juliet danver on 20/05/2024

Review: Euroseal Windows

So originally they phoned up my father to say they had a representative in the area (I submitted a request through Facebook a while a go I believe) and dad decided to let them come round to price the job. Anyway the guy who came was really nice, no issues with him really, he was courteous etc, we live in a town house, and wanted basic windows and doors that are secure and didn't have any draft like our current one, he measured all up, showed us the windows and the book for the doors, we picked a door which we liked and he gave us a price, he then phoned the office a further two times and got a price reduction each time and got the figure down to just over 7k all in Inc fitting etc. We said we would take the weekend to think about it, as they came around Friday evening. Come Saturday morning my dad had another call off the company (a different guy) asking how we got on, what he thought of the representative and proceeded to say when he was ready to make a decision to proceed to call him directly rather than the representive and he would do an even better price. Dad called the representative as he didn't like the thought of him being undercut and he (the representative) then spoke to the office as he hadn't provided the price he quoted at that stage apparently, then came back to us and quoted 7k all in. We then decided to go ahead with that and it was arranged for him to come Monday with relevant paperwork/contract, at this appointment we went through everything again, what we wanted and again asked if this Including the scaffolding (we have had several quotes, some will do it without others wont) and again we were told this was included. On the document provided (contract) not everything would fit in the box provided to draw the windows and doors in we wanted as there was not enough space, which is true on the document provided and we were told the surveyor would take everything down when he comes, we just had to give him the paperwork provided. I paid the deposit and signed. He called the surveyor while with us and arranged for him to come the following Friday and said he would call to arrange a time but was aware we would like an evening appointment. Come Thursday evening around 5 we had no call to confirm a time, so text the representative stating that and he said he would call them and ask him to call us. Anyway they surveyor then called an hour after arranging a time however would not do the evening. It was arrange for around 10am and my dad asked if it was okay for me (his daughter) to deal with it, as he had work as it was a nice day (ironically hes a window cleaner) however was told he would have to be there, so then had to take this time off work. They surveyor came and done his job etc, and then almost a week later, well yesterday to be exact we had an email to confirm when the work would be starting with a contract number, so I have now booked that time off work. However my dad then received a phone call today stating that they were cancelling the order, my dad asked why to then be informed it was severely underestimated by the rep, he asked how much and was told by at least 5k which didn't including the price of the scaffolding either. He asked how it was possible to underquote by that much to be told that the bloke they sent out was an idiot and he'd been called in to be trained twice and still not grasping and told my day that he was being sacked today (the rep) No renegotiation of price or anything just that it was going to be cancelled as they could not afford that amount of loss. Obviously my dad put his case forward but fell on death ears, they were note prepared to renegotiate. My dad then called the representative later this evening and he was not aware of anything, hadn't been sacked as the Joseph guy had told my father this morning. Which I find very unprofessional that 1, you would tell a customer first that you are sacking someone, rather than your own staff member or 2, that you lie to potential client about it. Still sat here waiting for the deposit to be returned. I would seriously not recommend this company due to their incompetence, unprofessionalism and breach of contract and would recommend giving this company a wide birth. As a window cleaner and myself being in conveyancing, we will not be recommending and telling everyone to avoid.

Reviewed by Hannah Boot on 17/05/2024

Review: William Starkey

What a legend, just a phone call and he would collect your unwanted scrap. This man will be sadly missed by all in Stoke on Trent. Thanks Bill your service and friendship. Bute..

Reviewed by Paul Swindells on 30/04/2024

Review: Attention2detail

Great service, great price. Completed the work well, looks amazing now. These lads work well as a team. One cutting in and one rolling the walls behind him, then one was pasting wallpaper and cutting and other was hanging.. Was great to watch. No pressure:) thanks again. Already recommended to family member and they have booked in right away (after seeing the transformation.)

Reviewed by Jason james Mountford on 12/04/2024

Review: Monte Carlo Cars

Great selection of classic and new cars

Reviewed by Richard Wilson on 03/01/2023

Review: H Cheadle & Son Butchers

Top notch Butcher, been around for a long time, even outlasted the cattle market, good quality meat sold, you get what you pay for, nothing is too much trouble, not many family butchers left but this is one of them, lovely friendly staff and the meat is sourced locally

Reviewed by Melvin Thomas on 12/11/2022

Review: N T N & E M Baskeyfield

Fatty meat, bad service

Reviewed by Gemma Smith on 08/03/2022

Review: Eco Gas Ltd

As a Landlord, I have had several boilers replaced by Ecogas. The workmanship of the pipe work is like a piece of art! Sheets are placed on the floor to protect flooring and surrounding area are left clean and tidy after a job. All my gas safety checks/servicing are all done by Ecogas. I have no worries that things are done correctly, validating all warranties. I trust any work required/requested by this company is genuine, unlike some companies I have experienced who will make up things to make more money. I can not strongly recommend this company enough. Thank you!

Reviewed by Gurjit klair on 31/01/2022