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Review: Monte Carlo Cars

Great selection of classic and new cars

Reviewed by Richard Wilson on 03/01/2023

Special Offer:   Get Inspired With a Free SVG file

Download an SVG for free and create bespoke soft furnishings, tableware, art prints, jumpers, and t-shirts. Or keep the kids occupied with family-friendly activities like making party invites, greeting cards, gift tags, decorations, or papercrafts.

Added by Design Bundles Ltd on 08/12/2022

Review: H Cheadle & Son Butchers

Top notch Butcher, been around for a long time, even outlasted the cattle market, good quality meat sold, you get what you pay for, nothing is too much trouble, not many family butchers left but this is one of them, lovely friendly staff and the meat is sourced locally

Reviewed by Melvin Thomas on 12/11/2022

Special Offer:   Premier Tech & Security LTD

Added by Premier Tech & Security LTD on 05/10/2022

Review: N T N & E M Baskeyfield

Fatty meat, bad service

Reviewed by Gemma Smith on 08/03/2022

Review: Eco Gas Ltd

As a Landlord, I have had several boilers replaced by Ecogas. The workmanship of the pipe work is like a piece of art! Sheets are placed on the floor to protect flooring and surrounding area are left clean and tidy after a job. All my gas safety checks/servicing are all done by Ecogas. I have no worries that things are done correctly, validating all warranties. I trust any work required/requested by this company is genuine, unlike some companies I have experienced who will make up things to make more money. I can not strongly recommend this company enough. Thank you!

Reviewed by Gurjit klair on 31/01/2022

Review: Hewitt & Carr Architects

When reading this you may find it hard to believe but this review is a 100% genuine based on factual occurrences which are undeniable. My wife & I originally contacted Natalie at HCA/HCS & employed her services to assess the viability of a development project. We owned a plot of land with planning to build a property. This was going to help provide financial stability for our family’s future. We needed a professional company to advise whether it was better to sell the land with planning or undertake the development ourselves for a client. We were advised that it was financially viable to develop, & the profit would be far greater than just selling the land. For the fees we paid we were also provided with a cost schedule & development timeframe. Sadly, both of these were so inaccurate. Natalie assured us that we were in good professional hands & that she would not let us down, & that we could rely on the advice given by her. If that was the only thing that had happened it would be bad enough to warrant a poor review, but it gets far worse. Natalie convinced my wife & I that in order to guarantee that the objective was achieved we were best to employ her as a project manager. She kept on insisting that we could trust her & that she would not let us down. On countless times she told us how she would make things work no matter what & that by paying for her services we would have nothing to worry about. We agreed to use her & we regret that more than anything! Not only did the development which was under the FULL supervision & management of Natalie deviate from the schedule (completion should have been achieved early October), but when pushed & pushed for some truthful feedback in November my wife & I eventually received an email where she admitted that she had priced the job too low. She also went on to disclose that the amount needed to finish far exceeded the money left. The project had gone from prospectively making a substantial profit to now making an extraordinary loss! Early on she must have realised her errors but chose to keep them from us. We have no idea what was going on in her mind or what she thought was going to eventually happen! If she knew very early on that she had messed up then hiding the truth from us was deceptive, maybe even malicious. If she didn’t know then she was negligent & was not fit to do the role she was being paid to do. Either way we suffered severe losses due to her actions. She independently instructed contractors & ordered materials knowing there was no money to pay them, thus causing detriment to more families & small businesses. She destroyed our dreams, lost our entire life savings & our children’s savings. To finish things off, after all of her failings came to light, she lied to the contractors & failed to admit to what she had done, which subsequently put the safety of us & our family at risk as all the anger was directed at us & we received threats. The specification never changed as it was defined at the outset by the client which was provided to Natalie when she was paid to price the job correctly. Although materials went up in the latter stages of the development, the bulk of the materials were purchased prior to the rises & had the job been priced correctly the substantial contingency percentage which we allowed for would have been more than enough to cover the rise in costs. Natalie never accounted for critical expenses when completing her assessment at the outset. Labour was under-priced or missed off completely. We are disgusted with her service & actions. She has caused so much financial loss for us & other, not to mention distress & upset, & despite admissions of failings via emails to us she still hasn’t been honest with all of the contractors she appointed. She caused my wife to fear to be in our own home with our children due to the threats we received as a result of her actions & lies which is completely unforgivable. No shame & completely disgraceful!

Reviewed by Sean Thorneycroft on 12/01/2022

Special Offer:   Refer a friend

Refer a friend and you'll both receive £5 off when your friend has had there first hair appointment

Added by Nicola Byatt Mobile Hairdresser on 03/06/2022